Lexicon: Bergamot

Common Name: Bergamot Latin Name: Scarlet Monarda A favorite in our gardens due to its showy scarlet flowers, Bergamot is part of the mint family.  It’s foliage has a perfume fragrance reminiscent of the Bergamot Orange and its young leaves were infused for a beverage known by Native Americans as “Oswego Tea”.  It is also … Continued

Lexicon: Cayenne

Common Name: Cayenne Latin Name: Capsicum minimum A very hot pepper Capsicum’s name is derived from the Greek word, “to bite”. Legendary for its curative properties its helps to maintain well-being, and is a favourite for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Supreme for warming the system, cayenne gets the blood circulating; through cold fingers, toes … Continued

Lexicon: Ginger

Common Name: Ginger Latin Name: Zingiber officinale One of my favourite herbs, Ginger is native to Asia and thrives in hot, humid environments rich in moist soil. Used both culinary and medicinally, ginger’s versatility as a medicinal has been used to treat such ailments as upset stomach, colds and flus, cramping, muscle pain, nausea, morning … Continued