Lexicon: Bergamot

Common Name: Bergamot Latin Name: Scarlet Monarda A favorite in our gardens due to its showy scarlet flowers, Bergamot is part of the mint family.  It’s foliage has a perfume fragrance reminiscent of the Bergamot Orange and its young leaves were infused for a beverage known by Native Americans as “Oswego Tea”.  It is also … Continued

Lexicon: Echinacea

Common Name: Purple Cone Flower Latin Name: Echinacea angustifolia A perennial native to North America, Echinacea has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes and is now regaining its importance because extracts from its roots have been found to be effective in strengthening the immune system. More than 200 pharmaceutical … Continued

Lexicon: Borage

Common Name: Borage Latin Name: Borago officinalis A native plant to Southern Europe, Borage has traditionally been used for relieving anxiety and stress and said “to drive sorrow away, and make men merry”. In ancient times, borage was known for its cooling quality and refreshing cucumber-like flavour. Also referred to as the “herb of courage”, … Continued