Lexicon: Sumac

Common Name: Sumac Latin Name: Rhus glabra There are 35 species of the genus Rhus found throughout the world varying diversely in habitat, size and uses.  Sumac species glabra and typhina are shrubs grown in North America and found in fields, wastelands, grasslands and woodlands. Native Americans used the split bark of the sumac, and … Continued

Lexicon: Horsetail

Common Name: Horsetail (Shavegrass) Latin Name: Equisetum arvense Horsetail has a recorded history going back 350 million years to the Devonian era. A living fossil, the plant at that time was as large as palm trees. The present living genus of the family Equisetaceae is the only living genus that reproduces by spores opposed to … Continued

Lexicon: Calendula

Common Name: Marigold Latin Name: Calendula officinalis Calendula’s bright orange flowers have a sunny disposition in any herbal garden. The flowers have been thought to aid in promoting good health and cheerfulness during the colder months. It is well known to the old herbalist for use in cooking and medicine making. In medieval Europe calendula … Continued