Newborn Baby Kit


All the necessities for the newest edition to your family, our Newborn Baby Essentials considers the delicate needs to help ease the transition that new baby brings. Made up of non-toxic, safe, natural and organic ingredients, this kit will nourish and adorn your baby, ensuring this new little life gets off to a good start.
This Gift Set includes:
Herbal Hug Baby Oil
Baby Body Foam
Nappy Ointment
Tummy Ease Digestive Tea

Herbal Hug Baby Oil: Use for all over moisturizer, massage, after bath oil, scalp oil for baby

Baby Body Foam: Use for new born wash, gentle wash for sensitive skin, gentle hair wash (not tear free), bubble bath

Nappy Ointment: Use for diaper rash, barrier cream, dry scalp for baby, winter dryness and chapping, baby eczema, soothing skin ointment for all over the body, cloth diaper friendly

Tummy Ease Digestive Tea: Use for colic, calming support for healthy digestion, relaxing tea blend for the nursing mom


Herbal Hug Baby Oil: Organic olive and sesame seed oils hydrate baby’€™s delicate skin, while an infusion of organic calendula, lavender and lemon balm help soothe little ones, and induce a restful calm.

Baby Body Foam: A mild yet effective alternative to soap, our gentle sulphate-free cleansing formula is fortified with skin-nourishing herbs to leave baby’s skin pampered, soft, and ever so touchable.

Nappy Ointment: Zinc free, our Nappy Ointment forms a soothing protective barrier against wetness.

Tummy Ease Digestive Tea: Help uneasy tummies with this soothing blend of organic herbs traditionally known for their soothing and carminative qualities.

1 review for Newborn Baby Kit

  1. Kate Whittaker

    I received this Kit at my Baby Shower and it is incredible. The sizes are very handy to carry in my diaper bag and to “try” first to see if I like the products. We went through the Baby Body Foam during bath time as we used it for our son’s hair and skin, and it was a great product. I have since ordered 2 of the large options (thanks for having the bigger bottles available). The tea had a very nice, earthy taste to it, I appreciated seeing all the familiar ingredients on the packaging. My son is 10 weeks old today, and has not had a diaper rash yet so I’m not able to review the Nappy oilment yet but I take it everywhere, just in case! And I love the Massage oil, it’s so rich and smells amazing.

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