Leg and Back Creme

120ml (4oz)


with Arnica, St. John’s Wort, & Lemongrass
Let your tired achy feet, legs, and back be enveloped in the cool and tingly bliss bestowed by our leg and back creme. Witness your energy recover, feel yourself recharge, and start to glow again. Worth keeping handy in the delivery room!


The ingredients are the product:
chamomilla recutita* (chamomile) flowers, zingiber officinale* (ginger) root, achillea millefolium* (yarrow) flowers, glycine soja* (soybean) oil, butyrospermum parkii* ( shea butter), ricinus communis (castor) oil, oenothera biennis* (evening primrose) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), arnica Montana* (arnica) extract, hypericum perforatum* (St. John’s wort) extract, emulsifying wax, deionized water, xanthan gum, leuconostoc (radish root ferment filtrate), essential oils of lemongrass, basil, dill, black pepper and rosemary.  *certified organic

Arthritis/Joint Pain, Chemotherapy Relief, Diabetics, Foot Care, Poor Circulation, Restless Legs

For external use only. Not for use on your belly.

Arnica Extract: pain relieving; anti-inflammatory; healing

Black Pepper Essential Oil: promotes circulation; helpful for rheumatic pain

Castor Oil: stimulant; anti-inflammatory; moisturizing

Chamomile Flower: soothing to stomach aches & colic, digestive aid, calming for stress and anxious nerves; anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and healing to skin ailments

Ginger Root: warming; promotes circulation; anti-spasmodic, carminative

Lemongrass Essential Oil: soothing; anti-rhuematic, anti-septic, natural insect repellent

Rosemary Essential Oil: promotes circulation; anti-inflammatory; cooling, anti-septic

Shea Butter: humectant, highly moisturizing, natural sun screen

St. Johns Wort Extract: anti-inflammatory; natural sun protection; astringent; vulnerary (healing)

Can I use Leg & Back Creme to moisturize my tummy?

No. Due to some of the stimulants within this formula we suggest it not be rubbed on your tummy throughout pregnancy.

  • Made with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs including, arnica flower & St. John’s wort herb
  • Stimulating essential oils of lemongrass and rosemary cool tired and swollen ankles, legs, and feet
  • Circulatory stimulants of ginger root and black pepper help reduce varicose veins
  • Helps with sore joints, muscle pain and neuropathy
  • Aids symptoms of jumpy legs or restless leg syndrome
  • Can be brought into the delivery room for labour massage

6 reviews for Leg and Back Creme

  1. Sheri Belisle

    The Leg and Back Creme saved me during my pregnancy. My husband would rub my feet and legs every evening with the it. It relieved my aching legs and put me to sleep when I couldn’t on my own. Great cooling sensation!

  2. Julie Nadlin

    Your Leg & Back Creme is the only product that gets my Mom through the night – she gets “Restless legs”. She even told her Dr. about it, and her Dr. would like to know where to find it. Apparently “Restless legs” is a problem for lots of people (myself included) and there’s nothing that can be given by prescription. This is the only product my Mom has found that works. Thank you very much!

  3. Trish R (verified owner)

    Totally agree with Julie. The Leg & Back Crème is the only product I use for my restless legs issue.

  4. Jen Hernandez

    Very stimulating! I use it on my legs before and after long days when I would normal have swelling. Great for long days in heels and long periods of sitting and travelling.

  5. Jorien

    Near the end of my pregnancy my legs began aching at night. I was so uncomfortable and the Leg and Back Creme was the only thing that helped! My husband would rub it on my legs and shortly after I would feel relief. I am so grateful for this product!

  6. Jehan (verified owner)

    I’m now in my 5th month and this product has helped me so much with my stiff, achy hips. I use it before bed especially so that I can sleep well without the aches and pains waking me up when I turn. Getting the travel size now so that I can take it everywhere I go this holiday season!

    • Matter Company

      Dear Jehan I am so happy to hear the leg & back cream is helping you in during your pregnancy! Hope you have a relaxing and pain free holiday season!:)

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