Bath Salts

500g (18oz)


Essential oils invigorate mind & body. Baking soda softens & cleanses. Relaxes tired muscles. Body exfoliant.


The ingredients are the product:
sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda, holly oil, carrot oil, bergamot, cedar wood, canadian pine, and grapefruit essential oils

Arthritis/Joint Pain, Cold & Flu, Foot Care, Menstrual Cramps, Poor Circulation, Sportscare, Stress Relief/Anxiety

Use 3 heaping tablespoons per bath. Get in the tub, warm up & chill out.

Bergamot Essential Oil: uplifting; skin restorative; anti-depressant

Cedar Wood Essential Oil: promotes circulation; relaxing and warming; respiratory aid

Epsom Salt: relieves muscular pain; promotes circulation; relieves lactic acid from muscles; relieves stress; detoxifying

Sea Salt: high mineral content; helpful for fatigue

What are the benefits of Epsom salts?

Epsom salts are said to help flush out toxins, soothe aching muscles and leaves the skin refreshed and smooth. It is recommended that people stay in the tub for no longer than 20 minutes.


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