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Red Raspberry Leaf – Does it Induce Labour?

After the launch of our Mom to Be Tea, I’ve had women come to me to ask about the safety of red raspberry leaves (a key ingredient in our tea) during pregnancy. But even before that, I’ve noticed quite a bit of misinformation in regards to this herb. Many expecting moms have heard that red raspberry leaf induces labour and should only be ingested in the final two weeks of pregnancy. A cursory Google search (the first place many of us turn for information) can serve to deepen that misconception further. 

Lavender and Tea Tree – Are They Safe?

Recently, we’ve been answering questions from our clients regarding the safety of using lavender and tea tree essential oils with young boys. With respect and understanding about your concerns regarding the potential phytoestrogenic effects of these oils, I would like to clear the air by presenting our stance on the debate.

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Flower Power : Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Without a doubt, we are officially in high summer! This is a powerful time of year as the sun’s energy is at its peak, and solar fire shows its most potent force for the next few months, bringing life to earth with abundance and growth. The season of fire energy and long days of sunlight … Continued

Our Home & Native Plants: East Coast

FIELD GUIDE: EAST COAST PROVINCES: NEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA,  NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Region / Habitat: This ecozone harbours a rich, varied array of natural vegetation, with coniferous and deciduous trees throughout the terrain. Mixed forest blankets Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, while the Taiga and Boreal forests cover Newfoundland … Continued

Our Home & Native Plants : Praries

FIELD GUIDE: THE PRAIRIES Matter is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with a virtual trans-Canada road trip to explore our country’s botanical offerings! Part three in our ongoing series brings us inland:   PROVINCES: ALBERTA, MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN   Region/Habitat: Big sky and sloping plains define the landscape of the Prairies, punctuated by beautiful escarpments and valleys. … Continued

Our Home and Native Plants: West Coast

Continuing with our celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, we travel westward to explore our beautiful Pacific coast in part two of our cross-Canada botanical journey:   FIELD GUIDE: WEST COAST  Province: British Columbia   Region/ Habitat: This region is composed of one province: British Columbia (BC), on the Pacific coast of Canada. This eco-zone is … Continued

O, Canada! Our Home & Native Plants!

As part of our celebration for Canada’s 150th anniversary this year, we’re focusing on some of the amazing indigenous plants that we use in our products here at Matter Company. This three-part series breaks the country down into major regions, taking a closer look at the botanicals each one has to offer. First stop: Matter’s own home zone, Central Canada.

The Effects of Pollution On Our Skin

With longer days approaching, the warmth of summer frees us to shed our literal and figurative layers, exposing more of our skin to the elements. As a preventative, we know to protect our skin from the effects of the environment and harmful UVA & UVB rays from the sun – but what about the effects … Continued

Summer Herbal First Aid Kit

Ah, the long days of summer! Time to get outside – trips to the cottage, camping, picnics, gardening, and swimming are all the hallmarks of this beautiful time of year. With so much outdoor fun, however, mishaps can be more prone to happen. Sunburns, insect bites, poison ivy, bruises, and abrasions all come hand in hand … Continued