How to Protect Your Family: Our 2020 Sun Care Guide

With summer in full swing, most of our time is being spent outdoors enjoying all that the season has to offer! The question of protecting our skin from its harmful rays and how not to get burnt becomes a top priority, and we rely heavily on sunscreens to do the job of protecting us and our little ones from sun damage.

Cool Down With Herbal Popsicles

We’re in the last month of the summer and the garden is in full bloom! I love being able to utilize the flowers and herbs coming up in the garden when they are at their peak of abundance. In a previous blog I talked about using the power of the sun to make a sun-infused … Continued

Matter Company | Bedtime Routine for Children

Bedtime Routine for Children

Now that summer is winding down and we prepare to head back into the school year, we’d like to offer a little help to those of you who might be struggling to get back into a regular sleep routine with your little ones. We speak with Erin Junker, a professional infant and toddler sleep consultant, for expert advice on how to make this transition a smooth one.