Self-Love : A Daily Practice

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better time than now to talk about promoting self-love as a daily practice! Whether you’re single or committed, many of us fall into a high stress, daily routine which can leave us feeling like we’re stuck on an infinite loop. Clearing the inbox, meeting deadlines, meal … Continued

Matter Company | Bedtime Routine for Children

Bedtime Routine for Children

Now that summer is winding down and we prepare to head back into the school year, we’d like to offer a little help to those of you who might be struggling to get back into a regular sleep routine with your little ones. We speak with Erin Junker, a professional infant and toddler sleep consultant, for expert advice on how to make this transition a smooth one.

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Flower Power : Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Without a doubt, we are officially in high summer! This is a powerful time of year as the sun’s energy is at its peak, and solar fire shows its most potent force for the next few months, bringing life to earth with abundance and growth. The season of fire energy and long days of sunlight … Continued

Matter Company | Easy and Gentle Spring Cleanse with Rachel Schwartzman, N.D

Easy and Gentle Spring Cleanse with Rachel Schwartzman, N.D

Our next Matter series is a comprehensive guide to help create optimal health and launch us into spring! Now that the new season is finally here, many of us will be welcoming its arrival by turning our thoughts to renewal and rejuvenation.

Matter Company | Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Given this week’s tragic events here in Toronto, I feel the “Loving Kindness” meditation discussed in today’s offering is especially poignant in this moment. In the face of such heartbreaking sadness, there is a common thread in all human beings, a shared experience of seeking happiness and to be free from suffering.

Matter Company Bring on Spring: Paskris Tree

Bring on Spring: Paskris Tree

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is still waiting in the wings, semi-frozen in the barren branches of the slumbering trees. Although the days now slowly start to lengthen, it can seem eternally grey and drawn-out, leaving many of us yearning for the colours of the the new season to magically appear. Indeed, this post may be a little bit about believing in magic, in the form of a vibrant, symbolic beacon to help usher in the return of spring: the Paskris tree.

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We’ll Be at the One of a Kind Spring Show!

The One of a Kind Spring show is just two weeks away! Visit us at booth D54 and stock up on your favourite Matter Company Products. We will be announcing ticket giveaways on Instagram so check out our feed for your chance to win!

March Break Getaway – What to Pack: Hot/Cold

March Break is just around the corner! Be prepared and fully stocked with our must-have items when heading to a sunny beach vacation, or hitting the slopes for a cool ski vacation!… We’ve got you covered!

Detox Your Bathroom Cupboard

As we consider getting a clean start to the new year by cleaning up our diets and detoxing our bodies, why not consider going the extra mile by detoxing the products we use on our skin? Ditching conventional toxic products and greening up your bathroom cupboard can have benefits of not only being healthy for the skin, but it’s also good for our overall health and environment.