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Slowing Down This Fall

Now that summer is in the rearview mirror, many of us are settling back into our normal routines. We’re packing away our swimsuits and beach towels and getting back to making school lunches and rush hour traffic. As we leave the lazy days of summer behind us, it’s a good idea to take stock in … Continued

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Red Raspberry Leaf – Does it Induce Labour?

After the launch of our Mom to Be Tea, I’ve had women come to me to ask about the safety of red raspberry leaves (a key ingredient in our tea) during pregnancy. But even before that, I’ve noticed quite a bit of misinformation in regards to this herb. Many expecting moms have heard that red raspberry leaf induces labour and should only be ingested in the final two weeks of pregnancy. A cursory Google search (the first place many of us turn for information) can serve to deepen that misconception further. 

Cool Down With Herbal Popsicles

We’re in the last month of the summer and the garden is in full bloom! I love being able to utilize the flowers and herbs coming up in the garden when they are at their peak of abundance. In a previous blog I talked about using the power of the sun to make a sun-infused … Continued

Lavender and Tea Tree – Are They Safe?

Recently, we’ve been answering questions from our clients regarding the safety of using lavender and tea tree essential oils with young boys. With respect and understanding about your concerns regarding the potential phytoestrogenic effects of these oils, I would like to clear the air by presenting our stance on the debate.

Matter Company – Combat Flu Season with Elderberry

Combat Flu Season with Elderberry

It’s the “battle of the bugs” season, as families everywhere find themselves trying to ward off various viruses at school, in the home, and in the outside environment. Thankfully, there’s a tiny, yet potent botanical sentinel that can help tip the scales in our favour: the elderberry.

Self-Love : A Daily Practice

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better time than now to talk about promoting self-love as a daily practice! Whether you’re single or committed, many of us fall into a high stress, daily routine which can leave us feeling like we’re stuck on an infinite loop. Clearing the inbox, meeting deadlines, meal … Continued

Matter Company | Bedtime Routine for Children

Bedtime Routine for Children

Now that summer is winding down and we prepare to head back into the school year, we’d like to offer a little help to those of you who might be struggling to get back into a regular sleep routine with your little ones. We speak with Erin Junker, a professional infant and toddler sleep consultant, for expert advice on how to make this transition a smooth one.

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Flower Power : Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

Without a doubt, we are officially in high summer! This is a powerful time of year as the sun’s energy is at its peak, and solar fire shows its most potent force for the next few months, bringing life to earth with abundance and growth. The season of fire energy and long days of sunlight … Continued

Matter Company | Easy and Gentle Spring Cleanse with Rachel Schwartzman, N.D

Easy and Gentle Spring Cleanse with Rachel Schwartzman, N.D

Our next Matter series is a comprehensive guide to help create optimal health and launch us into spring! Now that the new season is finally here, many of us will be welcoming its arrival by turning our thoughts to renewal and rejuvenation.

Matter Company | Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Given this week’s tragic events here in Toronto, I feel the “Loving Kindness” meditation discussed in today’s offering is especially poignant in this moment. In the face of such heartbreaking sadness, there is a common thread in all human beings, a shared experience of seeking happiness and to be free from suffering.