Common Name: Burdock

Latin Name: Articum lappa

A bi-annual and tenacious herb, burdock is has been an important medicinal herb in Western folk medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  Commonly known for its prickly seedpod that attaches to anything that passes by, this highly effective method for dispersing seeds was inspiration for the invention of Velcro.  Primarily valued for its blood cleansing and skin healing properties, the entire plant is edible and highly nutritive.  It is a popular vegetable in Asia, known as gobo in Korean and Japanese grocery stores.  The root is part of a very well-known anti-cancer formula called Essiac, a formula still available and used today.  

Parts Used: Roots and rhizome, seeds

Constituents: Flavonoid glycosides, bitter glycosides, alkaloid, anti-microbial substance, inulin

Actions: Alterative, diuretic, bitter

Medicinal Uses: Burdock is one of the best herbs for skin problems and can be used internally and externally to treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin related imbalances.  Used as a wash or in bathwater, burdock is effective for dry itchy and irritated skin.  Great for teenagers who have problem skin, acne, and skin issues due to hormone imbalances, burdock for this purpose can be taken as a tea or tincture or made into a tasty root beer like beverage.  Known as a specific remedy for the liver, it helps promote the production of bile, as well, helps to balance blood sugar levels.  It is also known to help the lymphatic system especially when there is congestion or stagnation; burdock keeps things working.  Hence it is widely used as an alternative and blood purifier.  

Used In: All Heal Salve, Green Wisdom All Heal Salve